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Are the referees really helping Real Madrid?


La Liga table toppers Real Madrid, equalled Barcelona’s record and run of 39 games without a loss across all competitions with a 5-nil win over Granada on Saturday, but another error from the officials saw Benzema’s offside goal rightly awarded.

Pique, Sevilla and Barcelona fans would be irked with this having been at the receiving end of unjust officiating in the past days, and that begs the question – are the refs helping Madrid?

The aforementioned Barca defender was angry at the officials during their midweek’s Copa del Rey loss to Atletic Bilbao, with 2 penalty appeals ruled out.

In the words of the Spain international,

“…we already know how this works. We already saw what happened yesterday in Sevilla against Madrid… from kick-off to the last minutes. We want to play football and not roulette, which is what these referees cause.”

Real Madrid v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

A day earlier, Real Madrid’s 3-nil victory over Sevilla in the competition was marred with questionable officiating from Mateu Lahoz, with a penalty after Modric was felled by James Rodriguez’s shove on Mercado a standout highlight.

Real Madrid have often been accused of having the refs favour them in the past, and 2017 has already started on that blemishing note, with their first 2 games having the officials blow in their favour, or so it seems.

But are there any truths to this? Or are the rivals just jealous of the capital club’s recent successes and dominance?

Playing 39 games without a loss on the stretch is no average feat, and just 2 games marred with shady officiating can’t take anything away from Real Madrid’s brilliance. Their fine form has got nothing to do with referees, and they have unarguably being the best team within the last 9 months or thereabout.

They have started the year on a very bright note, and are looking more than unstoppable than before. Yes, the officials have favoured them in some calls, and that would irk rivals, but Real Madrid have been good and are deserving of their victories and successes.