Internet Reacts after Germany vs South Korea Match

Well the world still shocked afther the last game in the Group F. At first look the mission was simple for the Germans, beat South Korea for more than 1 goal. The Koreans showed his pride and defended the result till the very last minutes of the game, when the Germans broke down and lost their nerve.A VAR decision, and a late goal by Son when Neuer lost the ball in the opposition half, makes the current champions go home in the Group Stage something that never happened to them in the history of the competition.All credit to Korea, and the best of luck for this German Team who will have to re build itself, same as Brazil did after his World Cup exit in 2014. Precisely by Knocked out by Germany. This are some of the best reactions after the game. All the best to both teams who have provided magnificent moments alongside this Russia World cup 2018.

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