Aurelio De Laurentiis takes another swing at Juventus

    One of the most controversial figures in Italian football has struck again, as the Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis called Juventus supporters ‘not real Turin fans’

    The Partenopei and the Bianconeri have been battling it out for the Serie A title over the past three seasons, with the Turin-based outfit winning the race every time.

    Apart from their rivalry on the field, the clubs’ chiefs have stretched their battles off the pitch, often being involved in differing arguments in the local media.

    De Laurentiis has never hidden his feeling for the Old Lady, whom he failed to beat to the league crown ever since becoming the board leader in Napoli back in 2004.

    Endless assaults on the Juventus hierarchy and everything the Bianconeri stand for in Italy and Europe have now gained a new dimension after De Laurentiis tried to insult their supporters.

    Throwing down the gauntlet to the Juve fans, Gli Azzurri chairman has said that ‘the real Turin fans support Torino and not Juventus.’

    “Our long-standing rival is Juventus, who, of course, having another type of turnover and having been born over 100 years ago, has consolidated the ability to have under the same ownership a number of Italian supporters gathering all the dissatisfied of the South.

    “The Fiat workers, for example, were imported from the South, the real Turin ones for the most part support Torino and not Juventus.

    “This movement that was created by the Agnelli family is difficult to eradicate.”


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