End of an era – Daniele De Rossi will part ways with Roma in the summer

    AS Roma stalwart Daniele De Rossi has announced that he will leave his boyhood club at the end of the season

    Eighteen years after making his debut for the Giallorossi against Anderlecht, the 35-year-old prepares to greet the club with whom he has won two Coppa Italia titles and one Supercoppa Italiana.

    De Rossi’s contract with the Rome outfit runs out this summer, but the player has rejected a prospect of entering Roma’s board of directors, as he wants to continue playing football.

    Speaking of his future plans, the 177-capped Italy international has revealed he won’t be staying at the Stadio Olimpico next season as he intends to stretch his professional career.

    โ€œI realized the decision the club was going to take regarding myself. Iโ€™m almost 36 and I know how football is, but I didnโ€™t want to distract from our European race.

    โ€œI thank the directors for their offer โ€“ I respect it and appreciate it, but I still feel like a player.

    โ€œI donโ€™t agree that the decision should have been mine alone. The club exists to make these sort of decisions, alongside the coaches. Someone has to make that ultimate call.

    โ€œIโ€™m not over the moon, but I accept the decision. I have no resentment towards that. We never spoke about money: that was not the crux of the matter.

    โ€œEventually I would like to be a coach. At this point, I donโ€™t see myself becoming a director, but at Roma, a role like that would have some meaning. I need to go away and study, to learn โ€“ it will be a long journey.โ€


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