Jurgen Klopp gives brutal assessment of Diego Simeone’s cynical style

    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp refused to hide his frustration with the way Atletico Madrid ended his team’s hopes of defending the UEFA Champions League title

    The reigning Champions League holders failed to overcome Atletico’s 1-0 first-leg lead, succumbing 3-2 at Anfield after extra time on Wednesday night.

    Despite enjoying most of the possession (63%) and dominating the game for the entire 120 minutes, the Reds allowed a 2-0 lead slip through their fingers in just 14 minutes.

    During the post-match interview, Jurgen Klopp has given a brutal assessment of Atletico’s ‘cynical approach,’ admitting he is a poor loser.

    “I am completely happy with the performance. It’s so difficult to play a side like this,” the German manager said, as reported by the Metro.

    “I don’t understand with the quality they have that they play this kind of football. I don’t understand that. But the winner is always right.

    “When I see players like Llorente, Koke, Saul… they could play proper football, but they stand deep in their own half and have counter-attacks.

    “But, they beat us, so we accept that and congratulate them.

    “We accept it of course but it doesn’t feel right tonight.

    “I realize I am a really bad loser, especially when the boys put such an effort in against world-class players on the other side who defend with two rows of four.

    “We know in the last two years we had some lucky moments in the Champions League, you have to, to reach two finals, but today it was everything was against us in the decisive moments.”


    1. That is indeed strange from Jurgen Klopp.

      He employed the exact same counter attack football against Manchester City last season in both the Premier League and the Uefa Champions League.


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