The ‘Special One’ strikes again

    Manchester United performed an outstanding comeback on Sunday’s Champions League clash at the Allianz Stadium to bring Juventus’ 14-game lossless run to an end.

    Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s cracking volley in the 65th minute put the Bianconeri in front, the Red Devils have managed to turn the game around in less than five minutes thanks to Juan Mata’s freekick and Leonardo Bonucci own goal.

    However, Jose Mourinho’s behavior after the end of the match has upstaged everything that happened on the field.

    The Portuguese manager has reacted in his style, provoking the home crowd, who allegedly insulted him for the entire 90 minutes.

    “In a beautiful Italian city they insulted me for 90 minutes, I didn’t insult them, I just made a little thing. I respect Juventus, I respect their players, their manager. I’m really really proud of my boys,” Jose said after the match.

    The victory over the reigning Italian champions is United’s first ‘big’ triumph this season, as Mourinho hopes to capitalize on the momentum ahead of the weekend’s Premier League showdown against Manchester City.


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