Video Technology in the Premier League?

    The Premier League is set for a major shake up following the inclusion the Video Assistant Technology, Independent reports. This VAR will be used for the 2pm (BST) matches on September 15, 2018 following the international break.It will be the first time that the technology is used in the league although on a trial basis. After much success in the World Cup, it remains to be seen how it will impact the world’s most prestigious league when fully incorporated.According to the Independent, the trial aspects will have the normal VAR usage. However, the assistant referees at the test centre will not communicate with the match officials. In recent weeks, testing has been stepped up in a bid to prove its effectiveness.
    These trials will go a long way in determining whether or not the Premier League will use VAR.

    Five Premier League matches

    Elite referees Neil Swarbrick and Mike Dean have given the mandate to spearhead the testing. On September 15, five Premier League matches will be used as part of the VAR multi-trial testing.Manchester City host Fulham, Bournemouth are at home when they tackle Leicester City while the Gunners travel to Newcastle. In North London, Chelsea’s game against Cardiff City and Huddersfield’s against Crystal Palace will have the VAR trial.


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